Provident / Study / Pension Funds

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Provident / Study / Pension Funds

Traders and investment managers – Front Office
  • Planning the funds’ trading activity taking into account restrictions, policies, prohibitions and balances
  • Concentration of trades for all the banks
  • Digital and automatic entry of bank trades
  • Multi-bank splits
  • Transmission of splits to the banks
  • Production of bank split reports
  • Processing of brokerage/custodian transactions
  • Calculation of brokerage fees
  • Transparency of EFTs/mutual funds portfolio composition
  • Audit reports on holdings, exposures and activities
  • BI reports
Risk controllers and managers – Middle Office
  • Audit of compliance with investment policy
  • Audit of compliance with Company policy
  • Audit of compliance with regulation
  • Follow-up on resolutions in reports to investment committees
  • Calculation of portfolio exposures
  • Running simulations and market scenarios
  • Audit reports
  • BI reports
  • Fraud prevention checks and detection of suspicious activity (under development)
  • Risk management – VAR calculation
  • Transparency of EFTs/mutual funds portfolio composition
  • Compliance with Solvency II (under development)
  • Interest parties’ reports
Back Office
  • Interfaces with Israeli banks
  • Interfaces with foreign banks
  • Handling irregularities
  • Entry and management of non-tradable securities
  • Calculation of management fees for ETFs
  • Management and processing of: accounts/clients/products
  • Audit of brokerage fees
  • Audit of proceeds from securities
  • Projection and confirmation of proceeds
  • Control and audit reports
  • Audit of traders’ orders vis-à-vis bank trades
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Revaluation audit
Management of BPM processes
  • Management of reminders for security-related-events –
  • arrangements/restrictions etc.
  • Support of inter-organization processes
  • Assignment of missions to employees and setting the SLA
  • Follow-up on mission progress
  • Production of statistics reports for managers
  • To-do list for each employee
  • Intra-organizational digital communication
  • Transaction layer management
  • Corporate tax calculation
  • IFRS calculations for proprietary accounts
  • Revaluation of tradable and non-tradable assets
  • Management and revaluation of forward and derivative transactions
  • Transparency of EFTs/mutual funds portfolio composition
  • Calculation, management and reporting of direct expenses
  • Calculation of management fees for ETFs
  • Management and revaluation of loans to institutional investors
  • BI reports
  • Processing private placements
  • Processing and management of investment funds
  • Management of real estate projects and REITs
  • Management and processing of loans and lending
  • Processing of restricted shares and securities during the dripping period
  • Calculation of daily returns


  • Interfaces with fund members / yield systems
  • Interfaces with journal entries
  • Accounting – interface for profits
  • Accounting – interface for IFRS
  • Cash flow management
  • NIS/foreign currency bank transfers
  • Security transfers
  • Production of reports to banks to execute transfers
  • Automatic verification of transfers vis-à-vis reports
  • Entry of current account statements
  • Display of historic current account statements
  • Interfaces with the accounting system
  • Audit of planning versus execution
  • Monthly reports to the Finance Ministry
  • Quarterly reports to the Finance Ministry – single assets
  • Calculation and reports of yield components

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