Danel FC Digital

Danel FC Digital

Danel's flagship product is a leading generic and integrative solutions
for asset portfolio management

Danel FC is a comprehensive system designed for investment firms and institutional investors for the management of the entire investment cycle on an All-in-One platform.

The system is modular and applicable to any type and scope of client assets, allowing investments to be expanded at any given time without having to replace the system.

The system is suitable for entities that manage large volumes of financial assets, securities, derivative instruments, real estate properties, liabilities, etc.

Danel FC has developed engines that allow for the analysis of a pool of financial-banking data, and to adjust and tailor the data to the specific needs and requirements of each organization.

The Danel system is used by investment firms, insurance companies, provident and pension funds, mutual funds and ETFs, hedge funds, private banking divisions, investment consultants, proprietary traders and family office investors.

The Danel system allows its users to customize their desktop applications and design customer experience on multiple channels and digital platforms.

The system provides a comprehensive solution on a single platform for all aspects of asset and liability management, trading, listing, controls, regulation and reporting.

Use of Danel’s digital technologies allows the organization to streamline its operations, enhance customer loyalty and reach target markets rapidly and easily.

Danel FC is a multi-currency, multilingual and multi-banking system.

Danel’s experts are keeping abreast of technological innovation and new regulation, to enable clients to comply with legal requirements.

Danel FC interfaces with hundreds of banks, brokers and information providers in Israel and worldwide, while converting the data into one integrative language.

The application of Danel FC’s system takes from several days to several weeks, allowing for a quick ROI.