Company Secretary

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Company Secretary

This program serves as a tool to assist the Company secretary

It was developed to assist the Company secretary and management in the management of official documents, issue of share certificates, reports to authorities, follow-up on holdings in shares, bonds, etc. The program is intended for the management of public and private companies, as well as for law firms that provide services to private companies.

“Company secretary” includes modules for the management of shareholder ledgers and interested parties, the management and conversion of options and bonds, and the management directors’ and officers’ appointments.

  • Management of the Company shareholders’ books
  • Transfer of share splits
  • Distribution of dividends
  • Distribution of bonus shares
  • Letters to the shareholders
  • Management of options and convertible bonds
  • Management of directors and officers
  • Reports to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the Registrar of Companies
  • Reports to MAGNA
  • Conducting board of directors meetings and compensation of directors

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