Accessibility statement

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Accessibility statement

Our position is that people with disabilities have full and equal rights, and therefore the company has invested efforts and resources into making all its facilities and services accessible to all its visitors, including people with disabilities.
All of the company’s offices are accessible to people with disabilities, including disabled parking in the Kiryat Atidim parking lot, the existence of an auxiliary audio hearing system in the building lobby, and restrooms for the handicapped.
A visit by a handicapped person to our facility, is serviced, and easy
Arrival at the company’s offices is by appointment only.

Company access coordinator details:
For all accessibility issues, contact the accessibility coordinator at the company – Doron Avni.
Mobile: 054-4861880
Fax: 03-7675224

The company sees high importance in adapting it’s website for people with disabilities and investing large resources to make the necessary adjustments in order to make the website site accessible and to make it easier to use to enable all populations to easily and conveniently browse and use the services and contents.

This site is in the process of being updated regarding access and we are working diligently to complete the accessibility adjustments required in accordance with the provisions of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Act (1998) and the regulations in accordance with it, in close collaboration with accessibility consultants and professional bodies in this field.

The site will be accessed in accordance with the Israeli Standard 5568 Accessibility Guidelines “Internet Access Guidelines” to Level AA.
This Israeli Standard is the similar to the International agency dealing with this network standard – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

We will continue our efforts to maintain and improve the accessibility of the site as it relates to equal rights and equal opportunities for all, but please note that despite our efforts to make all pages accessible on the site, parts of the site may not yet be accessible.

We would love to receive any responses, ideas and suggestions regarding this by contacting us via e-mail at

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